Charles Glass

Charles Glass
With a degree in engineering, Charles is better known as one of the most famous trainers in modern day bodybuilding. With an eye for spotting talent, he's known for manipulating exercise techniques and form to better target muscle groups and has trained some of the top pro bodybuilders in the world turning them into top contenders for the coveted prize of Mr. Olympia.


Do you think that Phil Heath has what it takes to be an Olympian?

ANSWER: I think he can do well, but can he hold it? I don’t know, because he’s not a real wide person. His clavicles are narrow, so how much weight can he really put on?

QUESTION: Do you think the introduction of the 202 and under class good for bodybuilding?

ANSWER: Let me put it this way. It hurts the 202 guys, but now they don’t have to try to get as big. The negative thing is the 202s have no prize

QUESTION: What’s the biggest frustration with training the pros?

ANSWER: When you’re working with the pros, they don’t want you to work with anyone else but them. They think you’re going to push the next guy harder than you’re

QUESTION: Who was the hardest training pro bodybuilder you ever trained, and who had the best work ethic?

ANSWER: Chris Cormier. You’ve got to understand. I trained Chris Cormier, Flex Wheeler, and Paul Dillett, all at the same time! They all worked

QUESTION: Of all the pro bodybuilders you’ve trained, who do had the best genetics?

ANSWER: One of my most successful clients was Flex Wheeler. I mean, he just really turned it up a notch. Now, you can’t exclude Chris Cormier, and you can’t

QUESTION: If you were to talk to a teenage bodybuilding competitor trying to win a provincial show, what tips would you give him?

ANSWER: One of the biggest secrets to doing well in this game is to prevent overtraining. You’ve also got to look

QUESTION: You recently put MUSCLE INSIDER owner Scott Welch through an insane leg workout and we saw you do modified leg press unlike anything we've ever seen before. His foot was twisted so much while he pressed, we thought it was going to break with each rep! Besides being known