Dean Brandt

Dean Brandt
He’s been on the Canadian west-coast bodybuilding scene for over 20 years now! He’s been as a bodybuilding competitor, supplement storeowner, trainer and even a contest promoter! He is truly MR. WEST COAST. Dean will be loading you up with all the up-to-the-minute news and gossip happening on the west coast of Canada.


First, Let Me Take a Selfie

The industry is much different than back in 1996, when I was prepping for my first bodybuilding show.

Competitions these days seem more like popularity contests. Facebook and Instagram feeds are

Q. What do you do to get really cut up for a photo shoot to shed the last bit of water?

A. To get ready for a photo shoot you have to cut your water and get a very dry look , similar to getting ready for a show. Because I maintain a body fat level of under 10% year round

QUESTION: I've recently become a vegan and wondered if it's  possible for me to be competitive in women’s bodybuilding?

ANSWER: Candian IFBB Pro Steve Brisbois is proof that a bodybuilder can make great gains on a vegetarian diet. Another example of a bikini champ

Question: You’re a sought after personal trainer in Vancouver, but I’m not close to you. How do I pick a qualified trainer in another city?

Answer: First you should determine your goals and then start to look for a trainer that specializes in that

10. Train With Weights - This seems obvious but there is evidence to back up the fact that training with weights not only burns calories when training, but also stimulates your metabolism for up to 4 hours after

9. Add Fibre - This is a great help when