Dean Brandt

Dean Brandt
He’s been on the Canadian west-coast bodybuilding scene for over 20 years now! He’s been as a bodybuilding competitor, supplement storeowner, trainer and even a contest promoter! He is truly MR. WEST COAST. Dean will be loading you up with all the up-to-the-minute news and gossip happening on the west coast of Canada.


Q. What do you do to get really cut up for a photo shoot to shed the last bit of water?

A. To get ready for a photo shoot you have to cut your water and get a very dry look , similar to getting ready for a show. Because I maintain a body fat level of under 10% year round

QUESTION: I've recently become a vegan and wondered if it's  possible for me to be competitive in women’s bodybuilding?

ANSWER: Candian IFBB Pro Steve Brisbois is proof that a bodybuilder can make great gains on a vegetarian diet. Another example of a bikini champ

Question: You’re a sought after personal trainer in Vancouver, but I’m not close to you. How do I pick a qualified trainer in another city?

Answer: First you should determine your goals and then start to look for a trainer that specializes in that

10. Train With Weights - This seems obvious but there is evidence to back up the fact that training with weights not only burns calories when training, but also stimulates your metabolism for up to 4 hours after

9. Add Fibre - This is a great help when