Greg Kovacs

Greg Kovacs IFBB Pro
During the late ‘90s, Greg Kovacs dominated the size and strength side of pro bodybuilding. With an off-season weight of 420 pounds, Greg towered over his competition, packing more mass on his frame than anyone in the history of bodybuilding. Greg’s arms measured over 25 inches, his chest 70 inches, and his legs a colossal 35 inches. Like his gargantuan size, Greg’s power was also unmatched. With a 700-pound bench press (for 2 reps), a 500-pound shoulder press, a 500-pound bent-over row, and a 2,025-pound leg press, Greg is still regarded as the strongest pro bodybuilder of all time! Throughout his career, Greg has lectured on sports nutrition and strength training to thousands of athletes all over the world, holding seminars in Hawaii, Australia, Spain, England, Greece, Germany, and Russia. Realizing his genetics made him more suited for size and power than symmetry and shape, Greg retired from competitive bodybuilding in 2005 to start his own business and coach competitive athletes. Greg Kovacs gives you the no-holds-barred answers to all your nutrition, supplement, and training questions.


You were one of the most popular bodybuilders of all time. What were some of the craziest examples of fans obsessed with the Kovacian?

I’ll give you one example of many. I was in Iceland for an appearance and was at a banquet following my guest posing I did at the show. A

I heard in a radio interview that Wayne DeMilia tried to get you to pose naked for him or some shit. What exactly went down?

LOL. No, I never said he wanted me to pose naked. I said he came to my place a few weeks before the Night of Champions to critique and help with my

What was your heaviest bodyweight ever in your life, and what would an average day’s eating regimen look like?

The heaviest I ever weighed was 412 pounds. And boy, was that uncomfortable. I weigh 365 now and feel spry in comparison. I can tie my own shoes again! Here is a

Of all the top pros in bodybuilding today, if you could make the perfect bodybuilder, whose body parts would you pull from to build the perfect beast?

ABS: That’s a tough one. Of the current guys, no one’s abs are a

Are the natural bodybuilders you see in the magazines really natural like they claim to be?

There are very few truly natural bodybuilders that compete or do photo shoots. You could say there are different levels of natural, if that even makes sense, and I’ll put them in

Big man, if you had to choose only one mass exercise per body part, which one would you choose and why?

Well, you’ll never develop a muscle fully with only one exercise per body part. A small body part perhaps, but with a more complex body part like chest or back, you can

Greg, you’ve worked with a number of experts or “gurus” in this industry. Who do you feel you benefitted the most from working with? Can you also name some of the other ones? I’m curious how you acquired all your knowledge.

You’re correct. Those I've worked with for my

I’ve heard stories and read stuff back in the day about how big and strong you were that seem a tad bit exaggerated. What were your real measurements and lifts Greg? Let’s have no bullshit, please!

I admit, even I was surprised at some of the claims that were being made

Q. What are some of your bodybuilding predictions for 2013?

A. 2013 will be probably be a big one. The Mr. Olympia will actually be a nail-biter with Jay Cutler re-entering the mix. Kai showed this year that Phil is beatable, so next year will have huge hype as it

Q. Can you tell us some of your heaviest lifts? I doubt many bodybuilders today can even come close to some of the weights I know you lifted.

A. I have flat benched 725 × 2, inclined 675 × 2, leg pressed 22 plates on each side for 15, hack squatted 10 plates