Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert BSc (Nutrition)
Mark is an expert in sports nutrition and dietary supplements. He has over 20 years of experience working with the biggest names in the bodybuilding industry.


What is all the hype about your Fitness Inventor website? Step in a gym, and maybe I’ll take you guys seriously.

Whoa, calm down buddy, let’s get the facts straight here! We’re one of the only websites in the industry that doesn't sell supplements or even advertise. In

For bulking, how many calories should I take in?

We’ve just had a similar question on our website. For those who don’t know, Fitness Inventor is a fitness, health, and sports nutrition “Q&A” website with

I keep hearing that whey protein only lasts for about two hours in your system and that it’s not anti-catabolic. If this is true, how come so many guys use whey? Is casein better?

I've heard and read tons of claims about how quickly whey is digested from “experts”

I read your online column on while I’m at work, and you’re one of the smartest in the industry by far! How much does it cost to hire you to do my diet?

I doubt that I’m the “smartest,” but your question allows me to get on my soapbox and have a little

What’s your opinion on the use of ephedrine for fat loss? Do you think it should have ever been banned in the USA?

Ephedrine is a stimulant similar to amphetamine but with substantially less potent effects. It was banned about five years ago in the USA because it was “

I heard usnic acid is a great fat-loss supplement and is used quite often overseas. What’s your take?

Usnic acid is not used in the bodybuilding scene over here in England or in any other part of Europe. In fact, in Italy, usnic acid has been used in vaginal creams, foot

L-carnitine is supposed to burn fat inside the muscle, but my biochemistry teacher said that the stuff’s a total scam. Is this true?

L-carnitine is not a scam. It’s a fascinating amino acid for many reasons. It’s essential to mobilizing fat and can increase fat burning.

Q. Why should I be taking glutamine? Is it a good fat burner?

A. Dr. Dan Reardon and I have never been huge fans of the amino acid glutamine because it’s never actually been shown to outperform other amino acids or other

Q. With my next fitness competition only a few months away, I need an edge if I’m going to place. Should I buy organic foods to prepare my meals this time? Is going organic healthier?

A. Okay, I’ve been saying this for

Q. I drink diet cola when I’m cutting up because it has no calories. It feels almost like a cheat because it tastes sweet, but I’m a bit concerned. I keep hearing that sweeteners are unsafe. Do they really promote fat gain and cause calcium leaching from