Michael Mooney

Michael Mooney
One of the foremost experts on diet, hormones and supplements and a long-time exercise enthusiast. Michael Mooney is also the co-author of "Built To Survive", a book about medical options for people with HIV.


A double inguinal hernia surgery I had in July 2002 required me to lie around for about five weeks with no exercise. I figured I’d do whatever I wanted while I couldn’t work out, so I did some of my favorite things. I made fresh whole-fat mozzarella cheese pizza with organic basil and extra

Q. Is there a supplement stack that can improve my sex drive? Does anything work?

A. When I’m asked how guys can improve their sex lives, one easy answer comes to mind: Give us the ability to have multiple orgasms in quick succession. Whoa! Come again? You heard me

QUESTION: I’ve been powerlifting for almost 10 years now and have developed both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in both my elbows and have soft tissue damage in my right shoulder. Can DMSO help me?

ANSWER: The FDA tried to

QUESTION: My dad’s been an alcoholic for 20 years now, but has decided to kick the habit once and for all! My mom and I now have him on a health kick and want to detoxify his liver. Are there any foods or supplements you would recommend?

QUESTION: I saw an ad in “another muscle magazine” for an oral GH supplement and wanted to know what your honest opinion was on these products? Do oral GH boosters really work or are they a total scam?

ANSWER: Many of you have asked

QUESTION: What should I look for when choosing a multivitamin/mineral supplement? Are there things I should watch out for? Dangers? How do I know if I have a high quality product?

ANSWER: The real danger is spending hard-earned money and not getting enough

QUESTION: What supplements can I take to increase the strength of my immune system? As a bodybuilder looking to pack on mass, should I even really care about this?

ANSWER: Overtraining can compromise immune health by increasing cortisol production, which KO’s