Rehan Jalali

Rehan Jalali C.S.N.
Rehan Jalali is an author and celebrity nutritionist. His clients include oscar winning actors, grammy winning musicians, and professional athletes.


Q: Many companies are liquefying their fat burners. What’s the advantage of doing that?

A: I can think of several advantages. One is better absorption in the gut’s harsh HCL environment. A liquid would be transported better and faster than a

QUESTION: Chad Nicholls said in an interview that taking creatine in the days leading up to a show may cause water retention below the skin in some athletes. What do you think?

ANSWER: I agree with Chad. Creatine causes cellular swelling, which is normally great

QUESTION: I’m 260 pounds of solid beef. You get in my way, I’ll throw you off a dock like a tuna fish! I’m gonna one day be an IFBB Pro! My diet is clean but I sometimes get heartburn. I take Tagamet HB but I'm told it may interfere with muscle building? Is this

QUESTION: When developing a fat-loss diet for your Hollywood A-list clients such as Sly Stallone, Ben Affleck, Nicole Scherzinger, Forest Whitaker, etc--how do you figure out the right amount of protein, carbs and fats for each of them?


QUESTION: What’s the best supplement review book you’ve ever read?

The Sports Supplement Buyers Guide by me and Stephen Adele I kid I kid! Some the best Supplement Review books I have read include: The Sports Supplement Review 3rd issue by Bill Phillips,

QUESTION: Is there any reason why I should consume fish oils derived from one type of fish (e.g., salmon, cod liver, herring, sardine or menhaden) over another? If so, why?
ANSWER: I believe variety is the spice of life. And this can’t be truer when it comes to