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Super Freaky
Supplement Godfather - Don Gauvreau
Q: I saw that you’ve updated your Super Freak preworkout! How has the formula changed? A: Yes, we’ve updated the formula. It’s really a complete revamp! The two key ingredients we removed from the... more
Post-workout Supplements
Supplement Godfather - Don Gauvreau
Q: What’s the absolute best post-workout supplement stack you could ever take if price weren’t an issue? A: One great thing about the absolute best post-workout stack is that it isn’t really that... more
Puzzled By Protein
Fitness Inventor - Mark Gilbert
Q: How much and how often should we take in protein? A: There’s always some wise guy out there who, when you start talking about protein or meal timing, says something... more
A Bodybuilders guide to the Arnold Sports Festival
Athlete Insider - Domenic Mauro
A Bodybuilders guide to the Arnold Sports Festival Get your ass to columbus!  The 2014 Arnold Sports Festival is set for February 27 through March 2, in Columbus, Ohio, and in case you... more
Everything You need to know about CLA
Supplement Godfather - Don Gauvreau
Interest in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) was  rst generated back in the mid to late ‘90s when researchers discovered its cancer- FIghting properties. Since then, it’s been heavily studied for its... more
You’ve seen the scales at gyms that claim to be able to read your body fat accurately (also known as bioelectrical impedance scales). You’ve seen skin-fold testing, in which a trained... more