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QUESTION Are all women predisposed to carrying fat or gaining weight in their hips, thighs, and buttocks? If so, what can they do about it in the weight room? ANSWER Women are prone to storing fat... more
You’ve seen the scales at gyms that claim to be able to read your body fat accurately (also known as bioelectrical impedance scales). You’ve seen skin-fold testing, in which a trained professional... more
2014 IFBB Arnold Classic Predictions
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
2014 Arnold Classic Predictions 2014 is upon us and another Arnold Sports Festival is fast approaching. From its humble beginnings in 1989, when Rich Gaspari and Jackie Paisley were crowned the... more
Build Muscle with HMB
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
HMB stands for beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate and is a metabolite of leucine, a branched-chain amino acid. MUSCLE INSIDER’s own Bill Phillips helped introduce HMB to... more
Post Buys Dymatize For $380 Million
Uncensored - Scott Welch
Big news in the supplement industry this week as breakfast cereal company Post Holdings Inc. has announced that they will buy Dymatize for $380 million. Dymatize has been in the game for a while... more
Spot Reduction Doesnt work
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
Spot reduction is a myth, a fallacy, a make-believe construct. Spot reduction has gained a reputation for being more fiction than fact. Until recently, though, scientists weren’t able to prove in a... more