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ANSWER Our new genetics project is called “MuscleGenes,” and I can honestly say that this may be the next big thing. Of course, everyone knew that gene testing would come to the fitness/sports world... more
ANSWER Keeping body fat levels under control should be a major concern for off-season athletes. Getting too fat in the off-season only means that the athlete will have to diet longer and harder when... more
ANSWER Cardio is done in a fasted state in the morning because of the belief that carb stores are low, so the body will dip into fat for energy. Cardio is best done after a weight session because... more
ANSWER Assuming you’ve got a decent muscle mass built up, you’ll want to keep your body on a 24-hour fat-reduction supplement system. First off, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking a lean protein... more
QUESTION I was told to cut my carbs at night when trying to get ripped—no carbs after 6 p.m. Is this true? ANSWER If you’re trying to get ripped then yes, I would suggest dropping your carbs at 6 p... more
QUESTION What are your thoughts on online coaching for fitness competitors who don’t have the convenience or money to work in the same city as the trainer they want to use? ANSWER I think online... more