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The Power of Plants
FEMALE MUSCLE - Tammy Strome
Plant-based protein consumption was once confined strictly to the vegan population. This is no longer the case. In recent times, we’ve seen a rising trend in the use of plant-based proteins in the... more
Gaining Mass versus Gaining Lean Mass
Muscle Diet - Mark Gilbert For many years and until fairly recently, most bodybuilders used to “bulk up” in the off-season and between shows. The theory was that you had to be in a calorie surplus to gain muscle... more
The latest change in the hierarchy of women’s professional bodybuilding has seen the 28-year-old Ms. International title and the 34-year-old Ms. Olympia title retired. No more zeniths of women’s pro... more
Training by Yourself
The Romano Factor - John Romano
When I train alone, I prefer to be by myself… Indeed I do, but because I own the gym in which I’m training, my preference is often denied—for example, by the odd member intent on getting a moment of... more
Freak Fitness - Darren Mehling
In last year’s “Mass” issue, I told you about my three key exercises for maximum mass: barbell squat, barbell deadlift, and standing barbell overhead press. While I believe those to be the foundation... more
5x5 training for power
Bigger and Badder - Ron Partlow
So the contest is over. You’ve reflected on your prep and analyzed your placing. You’ve found a place for your trophy and made your favourite stage photo your new avatar. You enjoyed training to... more