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5 supplements you NEED while dieting
Supplement Godfather - Don Gauvreau
Dieting for competition or just to look great with your shirt off can always be a challenge. Restricting total calorie intake, reducing carbs and fats, and increasing protein are usually common... more
12 Popular pre-workout ingredients
Supplement Godfather - Don Gauvreau
READY, SET, TRAIN! Get the lowdown on 12 popular pre-workout ingredients! Pre-workout (PWO) powders have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Athletes, bodybuilders, fitness and physique... more
Training Zones Twenty-Ones
The Romano Factor - John Romano
Old School Rules: Twenty-Ones What’s a 21? Well, if you were born in the ‘90s, you probably think it’s an aftermarket tire rim. But if you’re from the pre-health club movement, you probably know that... more
Fat Loss Zone -
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
Whey Before Training Bumps Up Fat Loss After There isn’t a bodybuilder (or scientist) in the world who doesn’t know the important of taking protein after working out. But what about taking protein... more
Timing Means Nothing to Newbies In the world of weight training, timing is of the essence—timing your carbs, timing your post-workout shake, and timing your rest between sets. When it comes to the... more
Ginkgo Biloba: For Memory and Muscles For decades, aging North Americans have been taking ginkgo for its positive effect on memory and enhancing mental function. According to a study published in the... more