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As bodybuilders, physique athletes, and just guys who want to build muscle and burn fat, we should be proud of the evolution of our sport! Lifting weights started as an obscure activity practiced by... more
Did Arnold like Free Weights or Machines
Sports Medicine - Dr. Ken Kinakin
There’s an industry controversy about which is better—free weights or machines. A safe bet is to ask, “What would Arnold do?” There are some important questions to be answered before you decide what’... more
Freak Fitness - Darren Mehling
There’s no debate that Arnold has become a legend not just in the sport of bodybuilding, but in business, film, and politics as well. As an athlete, he won the Mr. Europe contest at age 19, he won... more
Arnolds Psyche – Mind to Muscle
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
When you mention the name Arnold Schwarzenegger, the image that immediately comes to mind is peaked biceps and a tremendous side chest pose. Others might note Arnold’s amazing movie career, but for... more
Arnolds Rhythm
Bigger and Badder - Ron Partlow
I remember watching Pumping Iron for the first time when I was 16. I’d already been training for a couple years with dreams of being a “real” bodybuilder one day. My friends and I probably watched... more
The Weight Debate
Phenomenal Abdominals - Markus Kaulius
As a gym rat who loves to work his abs, I get asked ab-related questions all the time. Possibly the most common question is regarding weighted exercises: Do they make you look blocky and thick-... more