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Training while Traveling
Fitness Inventor - Mark Gilbert
How to get a good workout at a hotel while on the road Okay, many of us have been there: You find yourself staying at a low-end hotel, you go down to the gym, and all that’s there is a broken... more
H2Oh! Drinking and eating water helps keep you slim! Everyone knows the benefits of and relationship between hydration and fat loss. But did you know that how much water your food contains also has... more
Yogurt and smoothies for fat loss
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
Yogurt in addition to lunch and dinner helps aid fat loss Some people are under the impression that the less they eat, the more weight they’ll lose. While it’s true that you’ll lose weight as long... more
The Ins and Outs of Cardio
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Cardio—how much should I do? When do I do it? What type should I do? Let’s discuss four cardinal rules of what Prime Nutrition owner Aaron Singerman calls the Cardio Confessional. Assigning every... more
Gaining Fat Whilst Building Muscle
Bigger and Badder - Ron Partlow
We’ve all been there at one point. Every bodybuilder who’s really hardcore about putting on serious muscle mass has done it: the over-bulk. It’s all fun and games at the time, too. Ordering pizza... more
Jamaican Pork
Anabolic Cooking - Dave Ruel
Makes 4 servings Ingredients • 4 6-oz. pork chops • 1 cup orange juice • 1 cup chopped onions • 1 green pepper, diced • 1 red pepper, diced • 1 tsp cornstarch • ¼ cup apple juice • 1 Tbsp... more