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Tanning With Trisoralen
The Informant - The Informant
A popular tanning drug used by many of today’s top pros is called Trisoralen (generic name trioxsalen). This gives fair-skinned people the ability to produce more melanin and develop an unbelievably... more
Alcohol Impairs Muscle Growth
Uncensored - Scott Welch
Several studies show the adverse effects of alcohol on muscle growth. Alcohol, consumed either occasionally or frequently, decreases protein synthesis and affects Type II muscle fibers (the kind that... more
Tackling Stubborn Belly Fat
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Q. I tend to hold more fat around my belly. What’s the best way to get rid of it? A. Unfortunately, spot reduction is a myth, so you really can’t target your belly. However, with a focused diet and... more
Advice for a First time Competitor
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Q. What is the best advice you can give a first-time competitor? A. I think the best decision an athlete can make before stepping onstage is to hire a qualified coach. There’s something to be said... more
2013 Toronto Pro Supershow Predictions
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
Toronto Pro SuperShow Contest Predictions A show that has more IFBBs pros competing than the Olympia and the Arnold Classic. A show that qualifies literally every division (men’s and women’s... more
Bending Steel: A Movie Review
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
It's a story for anyone who wonders where they fit in. For anyone who hasn't yet found 'their place' in this world. For anyone who thought they couldn't. For the underdog. Bending Steel: The... more