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OPA competitor Profile: Mirabel Bainwohl
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
Guest column, courtesy of Sabrina Bainwohl: She started weight lifting 2 years ago. She committed to training for her first show - the GNC Natural Oktoberfest Body Building Competition, 1 year ago.... more
Sugar Alcohols in Protein Bars
Fitness Inventor - Mark Gilbert
Sugar Alcohols: Are These Low-Calorie Ingredients Good or Bad? A group of ingredients that’s getting more and more common in the supplements we buy (and that I often get asked about) is a category of... more
Differences between Men and women
BUILT - Jayson Wyner
Q: Can both men and women expect to see the same results if you put them on the same weight-training circuit geared for fat loss? Typically, no. Men generally have the biological advantage in terms... more
How I started Nutrabolics
BUILT - Jayson Wyner
Q: I saw on Facebook that your company Nutrabolics recently celebrated 11 years in business! How did you start Nutrabolics? A: It all started when I got my partner, Rodney Dupont, a job at GNC. The... more
Back Attack and MMA fighters
BUILT - Jayson Wyner
Q: Jayson, I’ve noticed you’ve got amazing back definition. Do you have any tips for lat pull-downs? A: Pull-downs aren’t routinely done for low reps with a heavy weight; range of motion is essential... more
Whole Foods Vs Supplements
Supplement Godfather - Don Gauvreau
In a perfect world, every human being would be able to consume adequate amounts and a wide variety of whole, natural foods in their everyday diets. Foods consumed in their natural form contain all of... more