Mario Mavrides

Mario Mavrides BSc.
No stranger to controversy, Mario is devoted to finding the most efficient and practical ways to peak performance even if that means dismantling current training dogma.


German Volume Training

By: Mario Mavrides

German Volume Training (or G.V.T. as it’s known to its friends) is a simple yet brutally effective training method used by thousands of bodybuilders over the years to tremendous effect. In this installment

QUESTION: I watched an old video with a pro bodybuilder bench pressing with his feet crossed and raised in the air. What’s the point of this?

ANSWER: If there was ever something that made me want to point and yell “SHENANNIGANS” in a

QUESTION: How does one go about developing a training program?

ANSWER: An effective program has to consider so many variables. It’s often easier to just roll some chicken bones in a bowl while praying to some obscure Cimmerian god (for all you Conan The

QUESTION: I know stretching is important for flexibility, but when should I stretch? Pre-workout? Post-workout? Morning? Before bed?

ANSWER: Oh, boy, I’m going to get a lot of hate mail for this! You ask when should you stretch? I ask WHY should