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Product Reviews

If you’re working out hard in the gym, you’re not only using up nutrients as you train but also losing nutrients through sweat.... [More]
Rivalus: A Brand and a Commitment Rivalus—literally, “Rival” + “Us,” as in, “We dare you to compete with us,” “We challenge you... [More]
PharmaFreak: A Brand You Know and Trust That yellow bottle and bold, black writing jumps out at you whenever you walk into a... [More]
Perfect Sports
Supplement Review Diesel Protein Looking for an ultra-pure, clean protein powder to match your clean diet? Look no further than... [More]
Elemetx: The New Kid on the Block Elemetx, a company based in Milton, Ontario, introduced itself to the supplement industry... [More]
Innovative Fat Burning Those are three words you don't normally hear together. Many companies stick to the same 3-5 ingredients... [More]
RedStorm Labs
This new sports nutrition brand is proudly Canadian, with a mission to develop products based on scientifically valid, clinical... [More]
Everything about the whole MuscleMeds brand screams, "NO BULL!" from their intense red and black color scheme, or their '... [More]
PUMP FREAK Supplement Review PharmaFreak Introduces PUMP FREAK to the Family Go to any supplement store and you’ll see a bright... [More]
Optimum Nutrition
Protein Energy Supplement Review “Protein Energy” = Protein + Energy = Awesome Optimum Nutrition isn’t a brand that complicates... [More]
CRE5 Energy Product Review There are so many different types of creatine on the market these days, that it's hard to know which... [More]
PharmaFreak Vegan Freak With a name like “PharmaFreak,” it’s hard to picture them coming out with a supplement that isn’t... [More]