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Intra Workout Nutrition
The Bodybuilding Professor - Bryan Haycock
Q. Is there any benefit to intra-workout supplementation? Milos Sarcev says you need anabolic blood flowing through your body and that while you’re training, you’re feeding the muscle... more
German Volume Training
The Bodybuilding Professor - Bryan Haycock
Q. What is German Volume training exactly, and does it fit in a competitive bodybuilder’s routine at the pro level? A. German Volume Training (GVT) was made popular by Charles Poliquin. He... more
Top 5 Most Useless Exercises
The Bodybuilding Professor - Bryan Haycock
Q. What are the top five most useless muscle-building exercises you see in the gyms today? A. I see all sorts of useless exercises being done by guys in the gym. Let me list a few: Triceps kick-... more
Doggcrapp Training
Ask the Guru - Lyle McDonald
Q: What is Doggcrapp training, and what’s your opinion on its use for bodybuilding from a scientific perspective? A. Doggcrapp (aka DC) training is the brainchild of a guy named Dante... more
Do The Pros Stretch
Mass Secrets - Greg Kovacs
Q. Do the pros stretch? I've never heard much about them doing so and wanted to know if tou did or if other pros you've met over the years stretched at all. A. I personally never... more
Caffeine And Fat Loss
Ask the Guru - Lyle McDonald
Q. How do caffeine-based fat burners trigger fat loss? A. Caffeine is, of course, a stimulant. When you take it in, the body releases two hormones, epinephrine and norepinephrine (... more