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My Genetic Potential For Bodybuilding
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Q. I’m 5 10" and weigh 180 pounds. I can bench press 185 for 8, squat 255 for 6 and chin 10 times. Ya, brother, and I’ve got 16-inch guns and a set of pecs that shock the ladies. I... more
Taking Glutamine And Creatine
Power Eating - Lauren Jacobsen
Q. What’s the best way to take glutamine and creatine? Can these products be stacked? A. Glutamine and creatine are perhaps the most widely used supplements when it comes... more
Diuretics Use Among Figure And Bikini Competitors
Power Eating - Lauren Jacobsen
Q. Is diuretic use common among figure and bikini competitors, and if so, what types of diuretics are they using? A. Diuretics are a common supplement used among ... more
Can I Compete In The Unites States
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Q: I currently live in Ontario and am a member of the OPA and as you know as a judge, we have quite a few shows thanks to Ron Hache. But I've always wanted to compete in the US and try my luck... more
Mind Muscle Connection
East Coast Muscle - Chris Johnson
By: Chris Johnson, National Bodybuilding Champion & CEO of Advanced Genetics There are many factors that determine how easily (or not) someone is able to gain muscle. Genetics are the... more
Treating Injuries With Exercise
Sports Medicine - Dr. Ken Kinakin
Q. Looking around the gyms these days, I see more personal trainers wasting their time trying to fix injuries with exercises rather than sending them to a sports med doctor. What's your take on... more