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Is Soy Protein Estrogenic
The Doctor's Corner - Dr. Scott Connelly
Q. Does soy protein really have estrogenic effects? How much soy is required to cause a physiological change in my body? A. The precise threshold ingestion level of phytoestrogens required to exhibit... more
Starting Your Own Supplement Company
Muscle Diet - Mark Gilbert
Q. Mark, I read your column every issue for supplement advice. Why haven’t you started your own supplement company? A. A few reasons, really. If you look at virtually everyone who’s ever... more
How Powerful Is Ephedrine As A Fat Burner
Muscle Diet - Mark Gilbert
Q. How powerful is ephedrine as a fat burner? In your opinion, was the USA ban on its use justified? A. Ephedrine is a stimulant similar to amphetamine but with substantially less potent effects. It... more
Contest Judging Part 2
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Q. I’m so confused by the judging done in bodybuilding contests. What are the judges looking for in the symmetry round, the muscularity round, and the compulsory poses round? Also, what’s... more
What Is Arnold Like
Jan Tana - Jan Tana
Q. What’s Arnold like? Have there been any funny moments? A. I have known Arnold for about 25 years, and I find him to be funny at times but very gracious. Being in Arnold’s presence is... more
Q. How did you get started in the bodybuilding and fitness industry? A. I went to a bodybuilding contest in Virginia to see my employee Randy Rimbey compete. I commented to Randy that I thought the... more