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Q. Can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? A. A goal to lose fat and gain muscle is not possible. To gain muscle, you must be in an excess of calories, but to drop body fat, you must be in... more
Does Sodium Make You Fat
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Q. Does sodium make you fat? A. Sodium creates water fluctuations on the scale; it is not causing you to gain body fat. Usually, after a higher sodium meal, you will find an increase in water. A day... more
Timing Your Meals
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Q. Is there a specific time to eat to achieve the best results? A. My diets are designed around your day. There are too many rules to follow in most programs that really do not make a difference. You... more
Cheat Meal-Planning For Fat Loss
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Q. What do you think about having a weekly cheat meal while losing fat? A. We do not believe that a weekly cheat meal is a lifestyle change. Usually what happens is that weight is lost during the... more
The Daily Weigh-In Reality Check
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Q. Why do you recommend that your athletes weigh themselves every day? A. Weight is not measurement of success or failure; it is a tool to help you progress. You weigh the same whether you are on the... more
Dieting For Lean Muscle Mass
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Q. Why do you like your athletes to stay lean while trying to bulk up? Doesn’t it take twice as long with little result? A. What point is there in putting on excess body fat while trying... more