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Is L-Carnitine Worth It?
Muscle Diet - Mark Gilbert
L-carnitine is supposed to burn fat inside the muscle, but my biochemistry teacher said that the stuff’s a total scam. Is this true? L-carnitine is not a scam. It’s a fascinating amino acid for many... more
How To Become A Westside Barbell Member
Westside Barbell - AJ Roberts
I heard membership into Westside Barbell is extremely hard to get. What do you have to do to get in there? Why do they make it so hard? Westside Barbell is an invitation only powerlifting gym owned... more
Greg's Real Measurements And Lifts
Mass Secrets - Greg Kovacs
I’ve heard stories and read stuff back in the day about how big and strong you were that seem a tad bit exaggerated. What were your real measurements and lifts Greg? Let’s have no bullshit, please! I... more
HX108CS: What is it?
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
HX108-CS From “The Journal of Obscure Supplements You’ve Never Heard of, but May Actually Help You”: I realize there aren’t any actual words in the name of that supplement, but believe me when I... more
Ammonia Scavengers: What are they?
The Equalizer - Bruce Kneller
Q. I hear a lot of chatter on the internet regarding nutrients that are “ammonia scavengers.” Are these important and if so, why? A. Ammonia is a waste product that is the result of protein... more
Are protein blends better than whey?
The Equalizer - Bruce Kneller
Q. Bruce you seem to be of the opinion that blended proteins or even milk proteins/caseinates are better for most people than straight whey proteins. I was always under the impression that whey... more